9 thoughts on “Contact Info

  1. Hi Les
    Which spread can l use for my Bruschetta bread. All l know is i want to put avo , feta cheese am=d sundried tomato but i want to spread something on top of it.
    Your help will be appreciated.

  2. Hi Les,

    Great interview on radio this afternoon. I really enjoy spinach but have burnt many pots trying to make a creamed spinach similar to the one served at that infamous “Taste for Life” franchise restaurant.

    Please may you share a LesDaChef creamed spinach recipe 🙂

    kind regards,

    Kwanda “Miss Popeye”

  3. Sho Les

    I absolutely love your blog and your fashion in food. Would really love to work with you on my project in the near future. Big Ups!

    Taste the Culture Lifestyle Festival

  4. Hi Les
    I find that always my monthly groccery includes tomatoe paste. However, I never know what to do with ends up being thrown out.
    Can you please tell me what dishes can I prepare with tomatoe paste.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Noma, you use tomato paste as a base for sauces. So before you slow cook anything cook the tomato paste off with onions and some carrots first before adding your meat and other liquids. You also use it for making stocks, spreading on pizza bases before adding other toppings, mince dishes etc

  5. Hi LesDaChef

    I heard you on Metro today, decided to check your website. WOW everything looks yummy, and the cakes yooo. I will definitely buy your new book. How I wish I can have your services for my wedding next year. Not sure I can afford you thou lol… Wishing you the best

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