Who is this Lesego?

Firstly I’m not going to use that “I’ve cooked since I was 4 years old and I was born to do this” blah blah blah nonsense. I’m a former Process Engineer. I used to wear a tie and suit everyday for 6 years before the “madness” hit me. I’m from Soweto, from a family of boys, didn’t spend my youth in the kitchen but outside playing soccer or reading books about aliens and stuff. I decided to travel South Africa for a year after I quit the corporate scene and once I got tired of that I enrolled at one of South Africa’s best culinary colleges, Prue Leith Chef’s Academy (www.prueleith.co.za) , in June 2009 where I studied towards a Grande Diploma in Food and Wine (basically I’m a chef with an expensive signed cardboard that says I am).

Whilst at the academy I entered a World Cup pie designing competition run by the British High Commission. I subsequently won the competition and with it a trip to London to cook in one of the best restaurants in the United Kingdom, Corrigan’s of Mayfair. My recipe was published in the Pretoria News and online on the Independent Newspapers and BBC News website’s (basically killing any plans I might have had to copyright it and make lots of cash from it and runaway and buy an island…or something). I was also interviewed for an hour by Talk Radio 702 during their peak hour drive time show. Why am I telling you all this besides to boost my ego? Well in short I want you to see that I’m just an ordinary guy who likes fiddling with food, I won’t tell you lies cause I paid way too much money to study the truth and that I’m good at what I do. Stick with me as I talk food and lets make this a fun journey.

I’ve cooked for TV shows, for celebrities, for politicians and high profile people. I’ve worked in restaurants, game lodges, as a private chef and in catering. I told myself I would never ever EVER start a blog but I’ve had way too many people asking me to teach them stuff about food via twitter ( @LesDaChef ) and when I go out to restaurants I always wish there was a restaurant reviewer who could actually relate to the normal person from ko kasi (yes, that does mean I will be reviewing restaurants and eateries).

So this is a blog about my personal journey through food. I’ll educate, I’ll entertain, I’ll review stuff and basically just debunk the complexity that is really not that complex when it comes to food.


14 thoughts on “Who is this Lesego?

  1. I always wondered why you kept wearing a tie… How can you say you’d never write a blog? You were writing blogs before they were called blogs!! 🙂

  2. Its really nice to know that there are people who follow their dreams,,i just wish i could follow mines and be a hairdresser and own my hair salon….

  3. Hey Les! Always see your tweets and been longing to check your blog because that’s what everybody talks about. Wow, I should say… I am impressed! ?You have talent and I see passion written all over your food. Will keep checking some divine stuff you have here!

  4. les I am going through the same madness and people don’t understand, thanks for motivating me …I feel better now that I am not alone…keep up a good job bro

  5. Hey Lesego – mmmm my search for chicken licken recipe brought me here and I must say I like the sound of you! Your opening line of
    Firstly I’m not going to use that “I’ve cooked since I was 4 years old and I was born to do this” blah made me laugh out loud! Cause too many of these so called turned chefs have this mediocre bs. So thank you for being straight up and admitting yes as a teen you were mostly doing teen stuff. I love to cook and enjoy good homemade food but as I said we were teens and ya know! So thank you for the recipe love it and it tasted like home specially in this crazy times we’re living in!!!

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