#BTWSB Best thing with slice bread. The main course

So I got my 2nd mystery box a few days ago from Blue Ribbon. This time, having been through the first course and seen the lack of protein, I opened the box with some scepticism. Wondering what tricks those marketing people were about to play on me this time.


I opened the box and this was what I found inside.


– A loaf of Blue Ribbon Brown Plus high fibre bread
– A bag of white onions
– A punnet of mushrooms
– A tray of chicken breasts
– A finger of butter
– A bunch of parsley

From these rather arb ingredients I was tasked with coming up with a creation. Thankfully this time there was protein! Awesome.

The first thing that came to mind was to make a chicken roulade. Then I realised on my starter dish I had been a bit to “cheffy” and technical and so instead I chose to make something anyone can make at home. It has a fancy French name “Poulet en croute” which basically means ‘chicken in toast’ for us normal folk.

I took the onions (about a half an onion) and mushrooms (half a punnet) and chopped them fine.


Then I proceeded to saute the onions in the butter until translucent and soft, I then added the mushrooms to this and seasoned with herbs and spices. I let this simmer until the mushrooms were soft. This is referred to as a mushroom duxelle in the culinary world.


I took the onion and mushroom mix off the stove and stirred in finely chopped parsley (about a handful)

Whilst this was cooling down I proceeded to cut the crusts off of the Blue Ribbon Brown Plus bread.


And with a rolling pin I flattened the bread. I only rolled the pin twice over each slice. You don’t want the bread too thin as this will cause it to tear when you bake it. I brushed the bread with seasoned, beaten egg. (I used one beaten egg). I overlapped one bread slice over another and stuck them together with more beaten egg.

After rolling the bread flat I cut the chicken breast into a portion that would fit into the bread and placed about a spoonful of the mushroom duxelle on top.


By gently rolling the bread closed I formed a cylinder shape.


I then brushed the bread with some more egg. This helps keep the bread in tact and also gives it colour when it bakes.


Sprinkle sea salt on top. Bake for about 15 minutes at 180°C and voilà…


Easy, simple. Quick and makes use of ingredients you can find anywhere and shows you how versatile bread is and can be. Make 2 of these, serve with a salad or veggies and an awesome cheese sauce. Thank me later. Best Thing With Sliced Bread.

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