Seeded Bread Recipe

instasave179260978.jpgThis is a recipe I’ve returned to over and over during my career. It always turns out right and it’s a heavy bread filled with seeds and fibre. Don’t be alarmed if it seems to be getting too dark, its meant to have a dark upper crust.

I decorate the top of the bread by making patterns with various seeds like poppy seeds and sunflower seeds. Simply brush the dough with milk after putting it in the bread tin before baking and then make patterns on the surface with the seeds. If you’re new to this rather use a spoon to pour the seeds into patterns, with time you’ll be able to do it by using just your hands.

Nutty Wheat – 155g
Brown bread Flour – 150g
Salt – 16g
Instant dry yeast – 5g
Oats – 50g
Bran (or crushed Bran cereal) – 20g
Golden Syrup – 36g
Oil – 1 teaspoon
Sunflower Seeds – 15g
Water – 325ml

– Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl
– Add the golden syrup, oil and water and stir to make a soft dough
– Grease the baking tins with butter or oil or non-stick spray and fill them with dough until half full. Place on a tray in a warm place covered in plastic wrap
– Allow the bread to rise to double in size
– Brush the surface with milk and arrange whatever seed pattern you’d like on the surface
– Bake at 180°C until dark brown (it should sound hollow when you tap the bottom of the bread)
– Turn bread out, shake off excess seeds and allow to cool on a wire rack

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