Brioche recipe

Brioche is a funny thing. Some consider it a bread whilst others consider it a pastry. Its served sometimes at breakfast but then also with desserts and even with fish and steaks. Its very versatile and due to its robust nature is awesome for making croutons and melba toast.


Similar to the enriched bread recipe I just blogged it has eggs and milk.

1. Cake Flour    500g
2. Sugar            30g
3. Salt                10g
4. Yeast             25g
5. Malt Flour (if available)   10g
6. Eggs              150g
7. Milk               100g
8. Butter            150g

· Mix the flour, sugar, salt, yeast, eggs and milk together in a kitchen aid with DOUGH HOOK attachment for 30mins.
· Add the butter and mix for a further 10 minutes or until the dough is elastic.
· Place the dough in a bowl, cover with plastic and rest in a warm place to prove till double.
· Shape the dough into the shape you like and place on a greased tray. Cover with plastic again and allow to prove again.
· Egg wash the bread TWICE before baking it.
· Bake at 230⁰C until dark brown.
· Place on wire rack to cool.

NOTE: The dough will/must be REALLY soft and sticky.

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