Doughnuts recipe

Greasy, full of cholesterol and oh so awesome. We all love a good doughnut (note American’s: I’ve spelled it the ‘proper’ way). These aren’t as large as the usual commercial kind, they’re a bit more dainty. If you’d like to make them larger it’s up to you really but remember, when working with yeast and sugar, the bigger the product the more chance you have of it burning on the outside and being under-cooked on the inside.

As I’m a fine-dining chef, we tend to make them small and dainty and pretty looking…not like the ones you see in cop movies or at retail stores. For tea parties and more classy evens, small bite size doughnuts are the way to go. If you’re making them just to load on carbs and grease then give the fancy topping and snobbish icing the boot and just make a simple water icing with icing sugar and water.

There is a trick involving twirling the doughnut around your finger but you have to see it for me to explain it. Google some video’s to see what I’m talking about. If you’re not interested in all that, do it the way we do it with a large cookie cutter for the outside and a tiny one for the hole in the middle of the dough.

1. Sugar 10g
2. Butter 30g
3. Eggs (beaten) 1
4. Lemon zest 1 lemon
5. Cake Flour 250g
6. Instant Yeast 10g
7. Milk (lukewarm) 150ml

• Mix the milk, egg and sugar together.
• Mix the yeast and flour together and rub the butter into it with your hands.
• Mix the wet and dry mixtures together and knead until smooth and elastic.
• Cover the dough with plastic in a bowl and allow to prove til double.
• Roll out the dough on a floured surface and cut out round circular shapes. Allow to prove for a further 15 minutes covered in plastic.
• Deep fry in oil at 165⁰C for 2 minutes or until golden brown (NOT dark brown).
• Drain on paper towel then allow to cool on a wire rack.
• Dust with castor sugar and cinnamon or chocolate ganache, fondant or water icing.

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