JC le Roux Sparkling Wine Strawberry & Blueberry Jelly

Berry jelly in a rectangular mould

Berry jelly in a rectangular mould

This is a recipe for a Champagne jelly but unless you’re loaded (or get free Champagne) I’ve switched it up and used JC le Roux instead. A well known South African sparkling wine. Only sparkling wine from the Champagne region in France can be called “Champagne”, in South Africa we refer to it as MCC or Methode Cap Classique but we have some of the best sparkling wine in the world.

This is a very straight forward and simple recipe but it turns out a really wonderful looking dessert. (You’ll see there are TWO water’s mentioned in the ingredients list. This is not a mistake)

350ml Water
75g Castor sugar
8g Orange zest
7 leaves gelatine (or 14g powdered gelatine)
300ml Water
300ml JC le Roux sparkling wine
Sliced strawberries

– Bring the 350ml water, orange zest and castor sugar to the boil.
– Hydrate (this is when you place the leaf gelatine in a bowl of water to soften, if using powder gelatine, you’d pour water over it and let it soak)  the gelatine and put it into the HOT liquid until it has melted
– Add the 300ml cold water and sparkling wine. Don’t stir it too much or the wine will foam up.
– Pour into your chosen moulds until they are HALF FULL
– Place the jelly into the freezer for a few minutes until its slightly set
– Place some of the berries and strawberries on top of the jelly and cover by pouring a little more of the jelly mixture on top. Set in freezer again
– Top up the moulds with more mixture (if there’s room add more berries) and then set in the fridge now to set completely. About 4hrs.
– To remove the jellies dip the bottoms of the moulds in boiling hot water for a few seconds

Serve with sauce anglaise or ice-cream

Chef Lesego (@LesDaChef)

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