How to make your own Mayonnaise

It always amuses me when I tell someone to stop buying mayonnaise and rather to make their own. We’re so used to the convenience culture that many people don’t realise that most things we buy in stores were all home made at one stage and can still be made for far cheaper and with better tasting ingredients at home.

Mayonnaise is one of those quick things that really don’t take that much effort. 10 minutes tops. Its all about the ingredients though, don’t use cheap vinegar or mustard and try to avoid using old eggs. If you can find them I highly recommend you use the yolks of organic, free-range eggs. I’ve found that their yolks are more flavourful and more intense in colour giving your mayo a nice light tint of orange rather than a pale yellow. Use vegetable oil not olive oil. Olive oil is too strong in taste.

At chef academy we had to do this by hand and I’d recommend you do the same as you can gauge how far you’ve whisked the ingredients but you can make use of an electric beater as well. This recipe makes about a litre of mayo. (You’ll also realise just how much oil mayo is really made of)


75ml (from about 4 large eggs) Egg yolks
30ml (2 tablespoons) White Wine Vinegar
2 tsp Mustard powder or 10g Dijon mustard
2.5g (half a teaspoon) Castor sugar
720ml Vegetable oil
Salt (as needed)
Ground white pepper (as needed)
30ml (2 tablespoons) Lemon juice


– Whisk the yolks, vinegar, mustard and sugar together in a bowl until slightly foamy.
– SLOWLY add the oil in a thin stream as you constantly whisk with your other hand (if you’re really bad at hand-eye coordination get someone else to help you)
– As you whisk the mixture should get thick and smooth and begin to resemble a cream.
– Season with salt, white pepper and the lemon juice as desired.

To change this to a Tartar sauce for fish dishes: add 2 diced up hard boiled eggs, 60g chopped capers and 340g chopped pickles. Add a bit of tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. 

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