How to make Caesar Salad dressing

Caesar Salad dressing stored in a jar

Caesar Salad dressing stored in a jar

I can’t remember when last I actually bought a salad dressing. Hopefully you won’t ever need to again as well. Making simple but tasty vinaigrettes is quick and pain free. There are, however, some salads that require a bit more of an effort. One of these is a Caesar Salad. Traditionally served with Romaine lettuce (Cos lettuce works well too), croutons and boiled eggs but over the years other chefs have added anchovies, parmesan cheese, bacon bits and avocado.

Its not named after the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar but actually after the chef who invented it, Caesar Cardini. It was invented in Mexico about 90 years ago.

This awesome salad dressing is not “traditional” as a true Caesar salad only has olive oil, lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce as its dressing but it goes great with a Caesar salad.

6g garlic paste (you can make your own by grinding garlic down with a pestle and mortar)
5 anchovy fillets
Salt (as needed)
Ground black pepper (as needed)
105ml whisked eggs
60ml lemon juice
300ml Olive oil
142g grated Parmesan (add more if you like)

– Grind the garlic, anchovies, salt and pepper into a mash in a pestle and mortar.
– Add the mix to a blender and pour in the eggs and lemon juice. Blend well and pour into a bowl
– Pour the oil slowly into the bowl via a steady stream (you may need help if you can’t whisk and pour at the same time…or use a stand mixer to make it easier) as you whisk to form a thick dressing
– Add the parmesan and mix well

Chef Lesego

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